Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordy & Wordless Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?

1. (marching around the house) "FE FI FO FUM! I a GIANT! ROOOOAAAR" (Mother Goose is scary.)

2. "I a BIG BOY!! Big boy not need take a nap!" (count down from 10...he's out.)

3. (Praying) "And thank you fo Daddy's work."

4. Me: Who are you coloring that for? Caleb: Jesus.

5. (Me witnessing Caleb counting things on a picture, surprised.) "Wow! You are SO smart, Caleb!" (Caleb even more high-pitched and excited than normal) "YEAH! Tanks!"

6. (Looking around his room for his book. Now digging into my eye...) "Nope. Not in ye eye." (Digging in my chin) "Nope. Not in ye chinny chin chin." "Open ye MOUF. Nope! Not in ye mouf!"

7. (Pointing to eye lashes) "No! Dose not EYE BLASHES! Dose EYE BWOWS!"

8. Having me lay down on the floor, covering me with blankets, and bringing me a pot full of his play food. "Dwink da soup, Mama. You sick. And way down and sweep. You feel better." (I love his pretend games.)


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  1. I love him! He is AMAZING and very clever. Can I arrange for him to marry Maia? I understand if you have objections...especially after my last post but I promise I will train her not to beat him up!