Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Workout

Sick of the treadmill? Grab a two-year-old!

Caleb keeps me on my toes all day long. I find myself literally chasing him sometimes to prevent some kind of disaster from happening. That alone raises my heart rate.

But I've just discovered my new favorite way to work out. It begins with these words:

"Dance wit me, Mama."

Those words not only warm my heart, they motivate me. Immediately I throw him up on my hip, he says "hode my hand", and away we go.

I sing:

"SHHH-AAAAA-LLL weeeee DANCE! (ba-da-ba-ba.)" We then spin and twirl around the room dancing ballroom style to a song that I only know a few words to. The giggling and "again! again!" is better motivation to keep going than any iPod can ever provide.

Every time he melts my heart with those words, I picture his wedding day. And I picture myself dancing with him, looking back on all of our incredible memories that are being made right NOW. Somehow with these images in my mind, I find myself with a little more patience and a few more smiles throughout my day.

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