Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordy & Wordless Wednesday

1. "My name Cay-ub. Dis sit-ster, Ava. Dat Mama. (pointing to Daddy) Dis BESS FWEND, DADDY!" (hearts stolen.)

2. "Yeah! Wet's go wimming! (thoughtful look) Noo...wimming too wet for me."

3. In the car as I was eating a tortilla chip, Caleb asked for one. "Sorry, Buddy, they're too sharp." Caleb (desperately): "No it NOT too sharp! It Dee-YISH-is!"

4. "Instinints" (Instruments...EVERYthing is an instrument in our house.)

5. He's beginning to say sorry the way I say sorry to him. "Sorry, you can't play right now. It's nap time." Or "You can't have that, Buddy, Sorry."
He says: "I not take a nap wight now. Sorry, Mama."


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