Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

1. "Tick-ott" As in, "You tick-ott Ava, Mama." "No Buddy, I didn't forget her. I'm getting her right now!" (my worst fear)

2. "Ban-Bain" As in, "Wook, Daddy! I have Ban-Bain on my knee to Ti-teck my Boo-Boo." (a Band-aid to protect my boo-boo)

3. "Monkey Kittens" As in, Meerkats. (He made this name up after a trip to the zoo when he couldn't remember what they were called.)

4. "Woooore!!" As in, "I woooored at da kids at church!" (He roared at them! Great...)

5. "Dench Fwy" As in, "Pweeze can I have a dench fwy wit my cheese sandwich?" (french fry. Again...great.)

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