Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordy and Wordless Wednesday


1. (Looking at a lawn decoration of Baby Jesus) "Mama, where Jofess?" "Who?" "Jofess! You know, Mary and Jofess!"

2. "Santa gonna sneak in our house and eat da cookies and have a yittle snack...he hungwy. And he take a yittle peak in my woom to make sure I'm sweeping. And Wu-dolf gonna help put da tweats in da shoes!" (He couldn't think of the word "stocking")

3. "Mama? You turn on worship music so I can dwum to da beat?"

4. "I pwayin da guitar for Jesus!" (He totally made this up on his own.)

5. "Ava cwying. I be-er go wescue her! (sets himself up in running position and then runs "as fass as I can!" to her room) 'Don't worry Ava! Ca-web coming! Don't worry, Baby Jayne. I'm here.'"

6. (In the car while Ava's crying) "We almost dare, Ava, don't cwy (cry)."

7. He now asks all questions in the form of a statement (because he thinks he always knows the answer). "We going to Didneywand (Disneyland) today."

8. "It weally windy out here. I be-er put my hands in my pockets so dey don't blow away. Mama? You hold Ava so she don't blow away up in da sky?" (His poor vivid imagination.)

9. (After telling him not to play with the shower curtain so it doesn't fall on us.) "Yeah, it might fall on you. And you might break...into yittle pieces. (using fingers to show how the little pieces would scatter)"

10. (playing the 'air drums') "I pway da bass dwum yike dis (deep) "BOOM BOOM BOOM" And I pway da snare dwum yike dis "boom boom" And I pway da cymbols yike dis "ch! ch! ch!" He cocks his head to the side, looks at me like a teacher and puts hand to his ear and says, "Hear da difference?"


Monday, December 21, 2009

I Un-Give Up

Wow- welcome to December.

I think my last post was around August. My computer broke. My baby girl started crawling. My toddler, well, a toddler. I got a job. My mind was too jumbled to construct any kind of comprehensible blog post...perhaps that is still an issue. I gave up on blogging for a while.

Anyways- I keep having thoughts about things I want to remember and blog about. But since I haven't blogged in so long I feel like I have to start back with something extra interesting or entertaining. I give up on that.

I'll just post tonight about my little man's milestone today.

I was doing a little work in the family room while both kids were napping. I suddenly heard something very familiar yet unexpected...running feet. Either it was a sound that would end with me wondering what the heck it was (rats in the attic again?) or it would be my little boy running "as fass as I can" down the hallway.

But...he still sleeps in a crib.

I know this is just what happens and every mom has experienced it. I don't know why I thought I'd be an exception, but I really did plan on leaving him in his crib until he just didn't fit anymore...I was thinking like 6 years old. Yes, I'm serious.

I told Tim tonight that I am NOT one of those moms who push their kids on to the "next stage". I am the mom that knocks the kid down and sweeps their legs out from under them so that they DON'T learn to walk or reach the next milestone. Caleb was basically begging me to go on the potty before I finally gave in to him and potty trained him.

Back to my story...
The running feet ended with him coming to a quick halt in front of me with a mischievous grin on his face.
Me (my eyes as big as grapes): "How did you get out??"
Caleb (using hands to talk while nodding his head in explanation): "Cuz...ah- I just wanted to see you!" (BIG smile)
Me: "Um- HOW did you get out, Buddy?" (adding a kind inflection at the end of my question so he doesn't make up a toddler lie) "Can you show me how you got out?"
Caleb: (Looking at me like I'm trapping him in a corner...) "Okay."
I put him back in his crib so he could reenact. He began his amazing task of climbing out...but then stopped and looked at me very seriously.
"You can't say no."
Me: "Don't worry, Buddy. I won't say no. It's okay."
He continues.
He stops.
"I not get in Twouble."
Me: "You're not in trouble. I just want to see how you got out."
He completed his mission and was more proud than ever.
I banged my head against the wall a few times and then got to work on the toddler bed conversion.
I'm hoping for ALL of us to sleep tonight.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Workout

Sick of the treadmill? Grab a two-year-old!

Caleb keeps me on my toes all day long. I find myself literally chasing him sometimes to prevent some kind of disaster from happening. That alone raises my heart rate.

But I've just discovered my new favorite way to work out. It begins with these words:

"Dance wit me, Mama."

Those words not only warm my heart, they motivate me. Immediately I throw him up on my hip, he says "hode my hand", and away we go.

I sing:

"SHHH-AAAAA-LLL weeeee DANCE! (ba-da-ba-ba.)" We then spin and twirl around the room dancing ballroom style to a song that I only know a few words to. The giggling and "again! again!" is better motivation to keep going than any iPod can ever provide.

Every time he melts my heart with those words, I picture his wedding day. And I picture myself dancing with him, looking back on all of our incredible memories that are being made right NOW. Somehow with these images in my mind, I find myself with a little more patience and a few more smiles throughout my day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordy & Wordless Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?

1. (marching around the house) "FE FI FO FUM! I a GIANT! ROOOOAAAR" (Mother Goose is scary.)

2. "I a BIG BOY!! Big boy not need take a nap!" (count down from 10...he's out.)

3. (Praying) "And thank you fo Daddy's work."

4. Me: Who are you coloring that for? Caleb: Jesus.

5. (Me witnessing Caleb counting things on a picture, surprised.) "Wow! You are SO smart, Caleb!" (Caleb even more high-pitched and excited than normal) "YEAH! Tanks!"

6. (Looking around his room for his book. Now digging into my eye...) "Nope. Not in ye eye." (Digging in my chin) "Nope. Not in ye chinny chin chin." "Open ye MOUF. Nope! Not in ye mouf!"

7. (Pointing to eye lashes) "No! Dose not EYE BLASHES! Dose EYE BWOWS!"

8. Having me lay down on the floor, covering me with blankets, and bringing me a pot full of his play food. "Dwink da soup, Mama. You sick. And way down and sweep. You feel better." (I love his pretend games.)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Ava Jayne

Although much of my time and energy is spent chasing my 2 1/2 year old, I must stop and take a minute to talk about our little sweetheart...Ava Jayne.

When I say sweetheart, I mean it.

Ava is the most relaxed, happy, smiling, joyful, beautiful, funny, make-someone's-day little four month old girl I have ever met. I have a lump in my throat just thinking of her right now. We just love her so much...

She's at a fun stage of life. She constantly smiles. Sometimes she just looks at us and begins to smile ear to ear when we're not even looking at her. She rolls over and tries to scoot across the floor. She plays and gnaws on toys. She tries to sit up almost all the time. She already has abs of steel and has super strength like her brother. She holds our fingers and stands straight up. When she's really happy, she gets a huge grin, her eyes light up and get wide, and she takes a deep breath in as if she can hardly stand how happy she is. Her giggle is subtle and as sweet as can be. She seems to have a fun personality and can already be kind of a goofball.

She adores her big brother. He absolutely loves her too (whew). If he walks by her, even without looking at her, she gets so unbelievably excited and sort of flaps her arms and smiles with giddy excitement. When I say he loves her, he REALLY does (sometimes so much she can't breathe). He introduces her to everyone he meets and always says how "CeeEe-UTE" she is. She lets him do just about anything to her...with a smile too. He "boops" her with his finger pokes, he "hugs" her until she turns color, and he drums on her tummy with some serious beats. But she looks at him and admires him as if he is the best thing she has ever seen. Here are some wonderful classic brother/sister moments caught:

She is a very special girl, and we love her so much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wordy & Wordless Wednesday

1. "My name Cay-ub. Dis sit-ster, Ava. Dat Mama. (pointing to Daddy) Dis BESS FWEND, DADDY!" (hearts stolen.)

2. "Yeah! Wet's go wimming! (thoughtful look) Noo...wimming too wet for me."

3. In the car as I was eating a tortilla chip, Caleb asked for one. "Sorry, Buddy, they're too sharp." Caleb (desperately): "No it NOT too sharp! It Dee-YISH-is!"

4. "Instinints" (Instruments...EVERYthing is an instrument in our house.)

5. He's beginning to say sorry the way I say sorry to him. "Sorry, you can't play right now. It's nap time." Or "You can't have that, Buddy, Sorry."
He says: "I not take a nap wight now. Sorry, Mama."


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The frugal Haircut

Sure he got a mouthful of hair, he was sneezing out hairs all night, his lungs were full of it, I cut my finger, we made a mess, and it's not a perfect haircut...but I saved 20 BUCKS!
And now...he can see.


At first he said it tickled...but soon he got sick of holding still.

I was laughing hysterically (quietly to myself) at the first few cuts I made...I pictured him going out in public looking like...well like his mom cut his hair.
What was I thinking?
I guess I was thinking that my big brother and his wife are both hair stylists, and maybe the talent would run in the family!
Maybe not, but...whatever-I saved 20 bucks.

The Back:

Ava during all the Edward Scissorhands madness:

The Top:

What a sweet little guy.

I better save money on these things while I can because before I know it he's going to turn into a "cool" teenager...and never be caught in public with a "mom" haircut!