Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Ava Jayne

Although much of my time and energy is spent chasing my 2 1/2 year old, I must stop and take a minute to talk about our little sweetheart...Ava Jayne.

When I say sweetheart, I mean it.

Ava is the most relaxed, happy, smiling, joyful, beautiful, funny, make-someone's-day little four month old girl I have ever met. I have a lump in my throat just thinking of her right now. We just love her so much...

She's at a fun stage of life. She constantly smiles. Sometimes she just looks at us and begins to smile ear to ear when we're not even looking at her. She rolls over and tries to scoot across the floor. She plays and gnaws on toys. She tries to sit up almost all the time. She already has abs of steel and has super strength like her brother. She holds our fingers and stands straight up. When she's really happy, she gets a huge grin, her eyes light up and get wide, and she takes a deep breath in as if she can hardly stand how happy she is. Her giggle is subtle and as sweet as can be. She seems to have a fun personality and can already be kind of a goofball.

She adores her big brother. He absolutely loves her too (whew). If he walks by her, even without looking at her, she gets so unbelievably excited and sort of flaps her arms and smiles with giddy excitement. When I say he loves her, he REALLY does (sometimes so much she can't breathe). He introduces her to everyone he meets and always says how "CeeEe-UTE" she is. She lets him do just about anything to her...with a smile too. He "boops" her with his finger pokes, he "hugs" her until she turns color, and he drums on her tummy with some serious beats. But she looks at him and admires him as if he is the best thing she has ever seen. Here are some wonderful classic brother/sister moments caught:

She is a very special girl, and we love her so much.


  1. Oh Kathy! Such a sweet post! I love the hug pics where Ava looks just a teeny bit nervous...priceless!

  2. She is just precious! I wonder if it is a second child thing. Maia had the same sweet disposition and was so easy going and just easy to please...much different than Noah! All the pictures are so cute.

  3. Can't believe how big she's getting!! She's beautiful!