Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The frugal Haircut

Sure he got a mouthful of hair, he was sneezing out hairs all night, his lungs were full of it, I cut my finger, we made a mess, and it's not a perfect haircut...but I saved 20 BUCKS!
And now...he can see.


At first he said it tickled...but soon he got sick of holding still.

I was laughing hysterically (quietly to myself) at the first few cuts I made...I pictured him going out in public looking like...well like his mom cut his hair.
What was I thinking?
I guess I was thinking that my big brother and his wife are both hair stylists, and maybe the talent would run in the family!
Maybe not, but...whatever-I saved 20 bucks.

The Back:

Ava during all the Edward Scissorhands madness:

The Top:

What a sweet little guy.

I better save money on these things while I can because before I know it he's going to turn into a "cool" teenager...and never be caught in public with a "mom" haircut!


  1. I think you discovered a hidden talent! He looks so cute! :]

  2. I think it looks really good Kathy good job!

  3. I am very impressed! He looks adorable.