Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wordy and Wordless Wednesday


1. (Looking at a lawn decoration of Baby Jesus) "Mama, where Jofess?" "Who?" "Jofess! You know, Mary and Jofess!"

2. "Santa gonna sneak in our house and eat da cookies and have a yittle snack...he hungwy. And he take a yittle peak in my woom to make sure I'm sweeping. And Wu-dolf gonna help put da tweats in da shoes!" (He couldn't think of the word "stocking")

3. "Mama? You turn on worship music so I can dwum to da beat?"

4. "I pwayin da guitar for Jesus!" (He totally made this up on his own.)

5. "Ava cwying. I be-er go wescue her! (sets himself up in running position and then runs "as fass as I can!" to her room) 'Don't worry Ava! Ca-web coming! Don't worry, Baby Jayne. I'm here.'"

6. (In the car while Ava's crying) "We almost dare, Ava, don't cwy (cry)."

7. He now asks all questions in the form of a statement (because he thinks he always knows the answer). "We going to Didneywand (Disneyland) today."

8. "It weally windy out here. I be-er put my hands in my pockets so dey don't blow away. Mama? You hold Ava so she don't blow away up in da sky?" (His poor vivid imagination.)

9. (After telling him not to play with the shower curtain so it doesn't fall on us.) "Yeah, it might fall on you. And you might break...into yittle pieces. (using fingers to show how the little pieces would scatter)"

10. (playing the 'air drums') "I pway da bass dwum yike dis (deep) "BOOM BOOM BOOM" And I pway da snare dwum yike dis "boom boom" And I pway da cymbols yike dis "ch! ch! ch!" He cocks his head to the side, looks at me like a teacher and puts hand to his ear and says, "Hear da difference?"


Monday, December 21, 2009

I Un-Give Up

Wow- welcome to December.

I think my last post was around August. My computer broke. My baby girl started crawling. My toddler, well, a toddler. I got a job. My mind was too jumbled to construct any kind of comprehensible blog post...perhaps that is still an issue. I gave up on blogging for a while.

Anyways- I keep having thoughts about things I want to remember and blog about. But since I haven't blogged in so long I feel like I have to start back with something extra interesting or entertaining. I give up on that.

I'll just post tonight about my little man's milestone today.

I was doing a little work in the family room while both kids were napping. I suddenly heard something very familiar yet unexpected...running feet. Either it was a sound that would end with me wondering what the heck it was (rats in the attic again?) or it would be my little boy running "as fass as I can" down the hallway.

But...he still sleeps in a crib.

I know this is just what happens and every mom has experienced it. I don't know why I thought I'd be an exception, but I really did plan on leaving him in his crib until he just didn't fit anymore...I was thinking like 6 years old. Yes, I'm serious.

I told Tim tonight that I am NOT one of those moms who push their kids on to the "next stage". I am the mom that knocks the kid down and sweeps their legs out from under them so that they DON'T learn to walk or reach the next milestone. Caleb was basically begging me to go on the potty before I finally gave in to him and potty trained him.

Back to my story...
The running feet ended with him coming to a quick halt in front of me with a mischievous grin on his face.
Me (my eyes as big as grapes): "How did you get out??"
Caleb (using hands to talk while nodding his head in explanation): "Cuz...ah- I just wanted to see you!" (BIG smile)
Me: "Um- HOW did you get out, Buddy?" (adding a kind inflection at the end of my question so he doesn't make up a toddler lie) "Can you show me how you got out?"
Caleb: (Looking at me like I'm trapping him in a corner...) "Okay."
I put him back in his crib so he could reenact. He began his amazing task of climbing out...but then stopped and looked at me very seriously.
"You can't say no."
Me: "Don't worry, Buddy. I won't say no. It's okay."
He continues.
He stops.
"I not get in Twouble."
Me: "You're not in trouble. I just want to see how you got out."
He completed his mission and was more proud than ever.
I banged my head against the wall a few times and then got to work on the toddler bed conversion.
I'm hoping for ALL of us to sleep tonight.