Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Caleb "isms"

1. "Mama, wook! I found a Jee-suh book!" (Apparently any book with a cartoon on the front with a bunch of guys with beards and animals is a "Jesus" book.) "Jesus is my favorite." (No coaching.)
Me: Caleb, did you know this is called The Bible?
Caleb: (pointing to the cartoon people on the cover) "Yeah, his name Bible...her name Mama...That Jesus...That Cay-ub!!"
(I couldn't correct something so cute...So what if he thinks "Bible" is a guy's name.)

2. "No! Cay-ub NOT want you cut my foot-nay-o's!" (Please don't cut my toenails.)

3. (Puts his hand up) "Wight be back...K?" (Be right back, okay?)

4. "ohhh...Cay-ub yuv sulstooer, Ava...Ava soooo CeeeeUTE!...Ava good groouul...Ava pal, Cay-ub...(kiss) Sweet dweam, Ava Dayne." (Ohh, Caleb loves his sister, Ava. Ava's sooo cute! Ava's a good girl. Ava's pal, Caleb. Sweet dreams, Ava Jayne.)
(So cute...yet this is all after "boop"ing her forehead, tummy & cheeks with his finger, "rocking" her (aka: nearly tossing her out) of the swing, and steam-rolling over her several times.)

5. (As he throws his blanky on me) "I catch you! Say 'MOO', cow!"
(I'm not offended.)

6. "Oh. I hoot my bah-yum, Mama...kiss it." (Oh- I hurt my bottom, Mama...kiss it.)
(kiss it?)

7. "I make a cwap fo Gwamma pweeze?"
(Did he just say cwap? Oh man...I knew I needed to stop saying that! Now what am I going to do...)
Me: "A...A cwap, Caleb?"
Caleb: "Yeah- make cwap fo Gwamma...pwee pwee cwap."
Me: "Ohhh! (whew.) A pretty, pretty craft??"
Caleb: "Yeah, Mama. Make pwee cwap fo Gwamma pweeze."

8. "I wipe Ava teets." (Again...Huh?) "Teets, Mama...yike dis!"
(Ohh- cheeks!) Sure, go ahead and wipe her face. (Whew.)

9. (As he's trying to go to sleep, I hear him in his room...) "One-sa-time. Boy name Cay-ub. Yuv pway dwums. Pway Pway Pway. Soo tye-oed. Dee end." (Translation: Once upon a time there was a boy named Caleb who loved to play drums. He played and played and played until he was soo tired. The End.)
(He told 3 similar stories about BJ, Baby Bop & Barney and their individual instruments. Then he fell asleep.) We tell lots of stories, but he completely made these up on his own.

With such cute language, I am tempted to completely stifle his growth and not teach him proper English.

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