Tuesday, July 28, 2009


While reading Put Me in the Zoo (for the 356,000th time), I point out the sign in the picture that says "Z-O-O". And then I underline it with my finger and say "Zoo!" There are a bunch of these little "zoo" signs on the pages, so I continue to do this. He picks up new ideas pretty quickly, so I thought there was no way he wasn't going to get this. I was picturing his brain growing exponentially. We'd soon have to apply to one of those "special" private schools that only genius's could get into (did I spell genius right?) Anyways...my kid was about to break some kind of reading record, and I could just see his name in lights. So I did my example one more time for him as I pointed to each letter. "Z-O-O", "Zoo!" Here it came- I saw his wheels turning. He points to the sign... wait for it, wait for it:
He was so proud.
Maybe next time.

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