Sunday, July 26, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts

The word "blog" is perfect. It definitely sounds like the noise I make when I'm trying to say a bunch of stuff at once: "Bloooogg!". Here goes...

1. Ava will not take a bottle or a all. There is NO way for anyone but me to comfort her. I will never be social again. I can feel a shell forming over my back that will become my new home as I morph into a hermet crab.

2. I am a spoiled brat these days with dishes. After 4 years of living with out a dishwasher (and being completely fine), 4 MONTHS into having one, it breaks. (*insert appalled voice here*) You mean I have to wash a dish?!!

3. Caleb crosses his arms, makes a "hmm" sound and pouts like a teenager...and so it begins.

4. I have laundry in the sink ("soaking"...and now growing things on it probably) and laundry in the bath tub (well, actually Caleb pulled a perfectly clean bath towel in the tub with him 3 (yes 3) days ago & I haven't washed it...or him for that matter.)

5. I made bacon and french toast this morning and made my bacon wavy before putting it into the microwave so I could feel "cool". You know, like the food network people.

6. My nail polish is peeling. Do I have time to use my thoughtful mothers day spa gift card to get a mani or pedi? Are you kidding? Ava would starve & then scream until she turned blue & steam came out of her ears.

And breathe 2, 3, 4.

7. I went grocery shopping and bought a ton of healthy food...but somehow I have eaten almost an entire cake by myself (that I made at 11pm...ah-hem...for friends), several cookies that I found hiding, and a bunch of chips that I didn't even know were in my pantry.

8. I'm beginning to notice that I think the way an author would write a novel. For example: I notice that there is only one piece of cheese left in the fridge. But my exact thoughts are: "She opened the fridge and saw the lonely cheese. It was then that she realized...this would be the last piece."

Oh man- did I really just share that last one? What can I say- I'm not normal.

Well, it's true. Blogging is good for the soul. Think I'll go do some laundry and wash some dishes. (or eat some cookies and watch some food network)

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